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Growing up the son of a school teacher, my mother constantly echoed the phrase attributed to Sir Francis Bacon, “Knowledge is Power” daily. It became so ingrained in me that I now echo it to my children.

When they come to me for an answer to a random question or the meaning of a word, my response is always the same, “Let’s look it up.”

I’m a firm believer that if you aren’t learning something new everyday, you are doing a disservice to yourself.

Think about this for a second, everything we use on a daily basis runs off of what? A power source! Our minds are no different. We charge our cell phone every night. It even goes through routine updates to download the latest software. When’s the last time your mind had an update?

If you haven’t connected to a piece of knowledge in a while, it’s probably been a minute. Not social media knowledge either! I mean a book or a scholarly article. You see knowledge is only power if your chord is plug in and your brain is allowed to recharge and download the new information. If you don’t, it’s only so far you can go on that one charge mentally.

“There’s nothing wrong with too much knowledge, but there is something wrong with too little.” 
- Patrick W. Young, III

Be blessed.


By Shamere Young


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