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A little over five years ago, I, Shamere, set out on a path to better myself, to care for myself more. I was doing well with others, but not that great with myself.

During this process I met a wild lovely woman who has now become a best sister-friend to me. She had this statement Lover of Me that she often said, and I started telling myself "this is what I want to become more of," a lover of me, and ever since then, I've been on a consistent journey in being a Lover of Me.

It's been a journey worth while, and I am looking forward to how much more I can learn to love on me.

So lets talk Lover of Me. What does that look like? Well for me, being a lover of me looks like:

Situation: " I missed paying that bill, now we have a late fee and overdraft. Damn!"

Me to me: " It's ok to make mistakes, and I get to make mistakes and live to work through them."

Situation: " Only 5 people signed up for my my webinar."

Me to me: " Girl you doing a good job. You hosted a webinar, that takes courage. Next up the big stage!"

Situation: " Mom we need to be at the game at 5pm."

Me to me: " Someone else can take them for you, that is your workout time."

Now I could take you through a ton more scenarios, but I think you get it. Being a Lover of Me to me looks like loving myself to say no to others, even the kiddos, so I can say yes to me.

It looks like being kinder to myself, just like I am to others. It looks like celebrating all my accomplishments, none is too small. It looks like being a great friend to myself, before I look for others to be that for me. It looks like loving myself during my best & my worst. It looks like granting myself the freedom to be perfectly imperfect, the way God designed me to be.

Pantone color of the year is called Very Peri. The color is a gorgeous blue-lavender, but to me what is more intriguing than the color, is the word plays (concept) behind it.

Some of the word plays used when describing this color are:

Rekindling gratitude
Courageous creativity
New vision
Carefree confidence .....and much more
This is so in line with the  Empowered Woman box, so we incorporated the color in with the actual t-shirt in the box. 

The goal is to help you start OR rekindle that love with yourself, unapologetically; OR add to your journey in being a Lover of YOU!

The things & people that one surrounds herself with on this journey matters a ton, so this box will add value to your journey with the reminders being in the messaging of the apparel and other items inside the box.

By Shamere Young


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