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Rosa Parks Day


On this day in 1955, Rosa Parks started a movement that she didn't even know was going to happen. She stated that "I was tired of giving in, " so she didn't get up out of her seat at the front of the bus so that a white man could sit down. 

Her refusal resulted in her arrest, and she was charged with a violation of the segregation law of the Montgomery City Code and was fined $10 plus court costs.

Each December 1st, we remember her selfless act that started the Montgomery bus boycott that lasted 381 days. Did you know that by the time the boycott ended over a year later, the bus company was almost bankrupt?! Yes, almost bankrupt! Rosa's "sick of being tired" mindset, turned into a powerful boycott that crippled a huge business.

That goes to show the power in our voice and unity! Many supress their feelings on certain issues for several reasons, not realizing that just by making their voice heard they may empower several others to speak and bring attention to an issue.

Rosa reminds us all, that "I Am".. the dream and the hope of the slave, enough to be treated equally, worthy of dignity and a beautiful human being. 

We encourage you on this day and all others to come, in honor of Rosa Parks and all others who fought so we didn't have to; be fearless and do what is right!

Love, peace, & hair grease!

Patrick & Shamere Young

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