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Wedding Shenanigans

This past Saturday, April 6th, the entire Young crew took part in our cousins wedding. The youngest of our crew was a smooth ring bearer, while the rest of us where hostess & ushers.

It was a great time seeing two people become one, and boy weddings are exhausting. They are fun to watch, but when you are in them, you tend to leave tired. All for a good cause though. 

We promised our EmpoweredTees family that we would share some wedding pics, so here they are. We didn't get a ton because we were working, but here are a few.  But first, here are a few event etiquette tips that we found that everyone isn't privy too. 


1. RSVP - if the event host takes the time to invite you with a card/evite that ask for a RSVP...reply. It's just common courtesy. And if your plans change and you are unable to attend again, just update the host. Simple and respectful. 

2. Follow the directions - if the event says "no children," "cash bar only," "no late seating," etc., be prepared to follow those.

3. Be respectful - it's not your event so it's not about what you want or how you would do something. Chill out and do it your way at your event. 

4. Be on time - welp this goes for ya'll, because I, Shamere, I be late Not to events but anyway, ya'll be on time ok!